E82cc vs ecc82 datasheet


E82cc vs ecc82 datasheet

ECC82 12AU7 ecc82 E82CC ECC802S;. Feedback received e82cc from Kevin R. mosfet datasheet model Power dissipation ( W). These are the rarest SIEMENS HALSKE 12AXUWA TRIPLE- MICA = ECC802S audio tubes ever made with fast response, overwhelming detail, , the most realistic bass overall perfection in a vs E82CC/ 12AU7WA / ECC802S / 12AU7 e82cc / ECC82 class of tubes. ECC82 RCA e82cc ( vs RC30) tt 12AB5. There are many equivalent tubes with different names long life, some ecc82 designed for ruggedness, , other characteristics; examples are the US military 5814A , some vs identical, the European special- quality E82CC E182CC. Low microphonics tube.

In the datasheet this tube is referred to as ' Trustworthy SQ tube'. So in that cas differences can be like pin out, electrical data. life premium versions vs E82CC sold by Siemens . Both are replacements for 12AU7. The E182CC was designed with both an anti- vs datasheet microphonic construction and with two datasheet matched triodes within the envelope. datasheet While the E80F pentode was datasheet a high quality development vs of the EF80 they were not pin- compatible could not be vs interchanged without rewiring the socket ( the E80F is commonly sought after as. One thought on “ ECC82 12AU7 E82CC ECC802S ” julius March 4, datasheet at 3: 55 am. vs ecc82 E82CC Philips tt E82CC. pdfbytes) E82CC Lorenz tt.

ecc82 ecc82 ecc83 ecc83 ecc84 ecc84 ecc85 ecc85 ecc85 ecc85 ecc88 ecc88 ecc99. 6AK5/ EF95 6AQ8/ ECC85 6as7/ ECC230 ecc82 6bq5/ EL84 6DJ8/ ECC88 6sn7/ ECC32 e82cc 12at7/ ECC81 12au7/ ECC82 12ax7/ ECC83 ecc82 12BH7 300B 5687/ 7199/ / ECC/ KTAmperex Bendix Brimar CBS- Hytron Ei EL34 Electro Harmonix GE Genalex Ken- Rad Mazda Mullard Phono Cartridge Raytheon RCA ShuGuang Siemens Sylvania Telefunken Tesla. I datasheet find there’ s strong e82cc performance quality to their sound which lends a live e82cc in- ecc82 the- room feel to almost every recording I run through them. You are a guest vs big sized pictures without watermark , not logged in Schematics collector prices are some of the many privileges of our vs members. Another ECC82 in the collection shows a different style of lettering in this long lived device. Regarding Telefunken long- life tube, , the ECC802S is a e82cc very expensive low- noise, ECC82 tubes, there are ECC802S quite different from a ECC82. The E182CC e82cc vs was an extra special quality version of the E82CC which was itself a special quality version of the popular ECC82.

vs E82CC 12AU7 E83CC 6681 E83F 6689. E82cc vs ecc82 datasheet. Tube Equivalents List 0A2 AG5211 0A2 SR56. Thus the E82CC was a long- life version of the ECC82 intended for ecc82 computer , general signal use the E88CC a high quality ecc82 version of datasheet the ECC88/ 6DJ8. I am looking for 4pcs matched balanced ECC82, Philips Holland , ECC802S , 12AU7 Amperex Telefunken if you can please advise price. We can actually call them sponsors because either they have uploaded they have paid a small fee. 12AU7 is also known in Europe under its Mullard– Philips tube designation ECC82.

The thin glass tube envelope is 20 mm in diameter the length excluding the B9A base pins is 48 mm. Type ECC82 was first introduced in 1951. I love appreciate tube based audio gear own sixteen ecc82 pieces of tube gear between my two reference systems. datasheet Details about Matched Pair ECC82 12AU7 EI Yugoslavia Telefunken Long Smooth. E82cc vs ecc82 datasheet. e82cc e82cc e83cc e83cc e83f e83f e84l e84l e86c e86c e88c e88c. by email on ACME300B: “ ecc82 I recently burned in my ACME vs 300Bs and I’ m in audiophile heaven. 12AU7 E82CC 12AU7 ECC186 datasheet ecc82 12AU7 ECC82 12AU7A 12AX7. e82cc ecc82 rare ECC82 12AU7 EI made in.

ECC82 is the exact European equivalent of a 12AU7. pdfbytes) ECC83 Philips tt e82cc ECC83. I have some Siemens E82CC which are military grade, but I haven´ t datasheet listened ecc82 to them im my amp so far. References: datasheet Datasheet & 1040. Positive Feedback ISSUE 76 november/ december. As always with NOS tubes datasheet if you choose not those that everybody is fighting for still premium tubes can be found.

The 8000 members have done all the work you see vs e82cc at Radiomuseum. Hi e82cc quality Push Pull Amplifier with PL500 / PL504/ EL500 / EL504 vs / 6GB5 / 6P41S / 27GWAU7 / ECCAX7 / ECC83. My Favorite Tubes and Their Substitutes by Robert H. Now if e82cc we analyze the market there are many choices about these mosfet ( click on the model to download the complete datasheet).


The Electro- Harmonix 12AU7A / ECC82 is a brand new pre- amp tube that is made in Russia. It is a premium quality 12AU7 tube built to match the performance of the military- industrial original GE 6189 tube. 6SN7 / 5692 Tube List. This is a long one folks. There seem to be a bazillion different types of 6SN7' s. If you don' t see what you are specifically looking for.

e82cc vs ecc82 datasheet

Siemens E82CC - Now stay with me, Homer. This is an E82CC, made by Siemens, and famous for a vivid and clear midband, and perhaps the best dynamics ever.